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About Us

Anna & Lucia

We are the makers of Fuishena and this is our story.

Our parents were always interested in living a conscious lifestyle and we were brought up with the awareness that true beauty comes from within by keeping your body and skin healthy.

They were constantly searching for new ways to improve our wellbeing.

In their research they came across an active ingredient that was so powerful and potent that they decided to create a company using this substance for balms and ointments.

We both suffered from acne in our teenage years and the salves created by our parents helped improve our skin and prevent any scaring.

So when we joined the company our vision was to develop and improve the formula into a skincare that would help people achieve their beauty goals.

Our quest took us to Asia that is known for high-technology skincare and the secrets of effortless beauty.

We teamed up with a company that provided us with the clinical tests and the proven effectiveness for our essential ingredients. This encouraged us to further advance our formula and so VitaNova™ was born.

After years of research and development in collaboration with Australian and Canadian laboratories we finally achieved the perfect combination of ingredients that support and preserve VitaNova™ to create our two Fuishena lines:

Divine Ambrosia and Divine Nektar. Both lines aiding in clearing up troubled skin and rejuvenating ageing skin. 


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