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The Science behind the Formula

Our VitaNova Formula is powered by the miracle molecule fullerene.  

Fullerene is a simple molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms in the shape of a soccer ball. This form makes it super stable. It is also very small, that way it can penetrate the skin more easily and can also help bring other ingredients deeper into the skin.

Fullerene has been extensively researched and trialed by science. It even won a Nobel Prize.

The molecule fullerene was discovered in 1985 and in 1996 the scientists Kroto, Curl, and Smalley were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of this class of molecules. Since then there have been countless studies and trials with this novelty molecule.

That means all the positive effects we talk about in our product descriptions are backed by experimental evaluation.

It also has been fully tested for safety. 

Fullerene is able to tackle multiple skin issues at once

Because it is a strong antioxidant, it helps protect the skin against free radicals which are one of the key causes of ageing and various diseases including cancer. It essentially soaks up these free radicals like a sponge so they don’t damage your skin. In addition, it helps prevent breakouts and acne by balancing the oil production of your skin. It also tightens your pores, improves skin texture, reduces redness, and brightens the skin by suppressing the production of melanin. 

So why is fullerene so rarely used?

Well, firstly it is a very pricey ingredient. The isolation and purifying process is high-tech and therefore only small amounts are being generated. There is simply not enough of this product on the market. 

In the following we list just a few of the major studies that have tested the positive effects of fullerene on your skin.


Fullerene for anti-wrinkle cosmetics




Effectiveness of fullerene against wrinkles



Fullerene study in dermatological and cosmetic applications



Fullerene can permeate the skin in skincare products



Fullerene has cell-protecting effect as a novel treatment agent in Dermatology



Fullerene promotes collagen regeneration against skin ageing



Reduction of conspicuous facial pores by topical fullerene



Photoprotective effects of fullerenes 



How fullerene inhibits UVA-induced pigmentation 



Fullerene inhibits the allergic response



Improvement of acne by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care



Fullerenes as Anti-Aging Antioxidants



Fullerene for Better Treatment of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers



Fullerene is effective in skin whitening



Use of fullerenes in cosmetics



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