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The Wedding Cake Analogy

We notice a growing trend in the beauty industry that brands have started to sell  single active ingredients for you to “customise” your routine.

At first thought it seems like a reasonable decision, because a lot of the formulas nowadays have a multitude of ingredients and therefore an increased risk of a consumer sensitivity against those products. One might also think that using a lot of the active ingredient on its own might achieve better results.

On second thought though it is a worrisome development as it is now up to the customer to mix and measure the different key ingredients into a beneficial skincare routine. But not everyone has a chemical background and the knowledge of hundreds of key ingredients and their reactions and interaction with each other.

It is a bit like throwing everything you find in your pantry into a big mixing bowl expecting a three-tier wedding cake to come out of it.

It's true, those single key ingredients are relatively cheap and you can save when you buy only a few different ingredients.

But what you also save on is the proven and tested recipe, and the expertise and experience of all the chemists and dermatologists that work on finding the perfect formulas. You miss out on the endless test runs and trial and re-trials to determine what combination of ingredients in what concentration gives the optimal benefit to your skin.

If you want to experiment on your skin, that is fine but think a moment and tell me if you would let your hairdresser bake your wedding cake? Of course not, you would get a professional for the job.

Why not trust the people whose daily task it is to handle the substances and formulas and that have gathered the immense knowledge and experience of suitable combinations and beneficial or even harmful reactions of any given key ingredient.

It is common knowledge that the attitude of “the more the better” is false and that even the most beneficial of substances can get dangerous in large quantities or high concentrations.

Of course it is up to every single person on what they do with their body and we are not saying there will definitely be an adverse reaction to mixing different active ingredients on your skin, but the risk is obviously there, and we have seen a lot of comments and stories, where consumers report just that.

So our recommendation is to stay with tried and tested proven recipes and we are so confident in our products that we offer a money-back guarantee in case the product isn’t right for you.

To stick with the analogy, we want to make sure that you don’t have to spend your wedding day with a ruined cake and a face full of pimples.

Stay beautiful!

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