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Skincare - How Much is Too Much ? A critical look at current trends.

How much skincare is too much?

This is a controversial subject and to look at current skincare recommendations critically is not well received by the industry. Despite this we feel it is an important matter to examine and look at skincare trends from a holistic viewpoint.

Current Skincare Trends 

In recent years the 11- step formula of asian celebrities’ skincare has established itself as the top routine for skincare enthusiasts all over the world.

On the other end we have the single ingredient trend where you buy multiple single ingredients or specific function products and apply them in a certain order.

To really understand the steps and types of products that are to be applied one after the other has most peoples heads spinning though.

So we ask the bold question : How much skincare is too much?

To answer this question we have to look a bit further than the marketing messages that sell us this  or that new trend as the ultimate secret to becoming beautiful.

Skin Biology 

What we have to understand first is that our skin is not a sponge that soaks up what you put on it.

Rather it is a security membrane that keeps the insides safe from external attacks. In this case our skin is very selective in what and how much it takes from external sources.

The fact that externally applied supplements like magnesium oil or iron creams work and end up in our bloodstream eventually is proof that the skin is permeable to a certain extent and specific substances.

Though when multiple creams, serums, mists ,and moisturisers or a multitude of single ingredient products are applied on top of each other they tend to just sit on your skin and get washed away with your next shower. 

It is simply too much for the skin to take in.

From your bodies’ perspective being wrinkle-free is not high on its priority list. Surviving is. So it is more crucial to prevent possible harmful substances from entering the body than allowing multiple new products to intrude.

Skincare that is not really caring

Another routine has also become widely overused. The application of harsh vitamins and acids for peels and wrinkle treatment.

These come in potentially dangerous concentrations and belong, if anything into the hands of skin professionals.

When our skin reacts to the application of a substance, with redness, irritation, burning, itching, drying, flaking and peeling, common sense tells us that this substance is too harsh for our skin. 

woman looking in mirror with red face

In the case of retinol and other chemical peels though, we often get told we just need to get the skin used to it.

It is true that you can desensitise the skin so it will not react after a while. 

The reason being, that the body has thickened the skin with dense collagenous fibers in the area of application to heal and protect itself from further injury. 

You know what that is called? Scar tissue.

So the reason your skin feels tighter and less wrinkly is because the micro injuries that the product has caused have turned into scar tissue.

That explains the almost mask-like appearance of some older celebrities that have been using these procedures and substances for a long time. 

(Amongst other micro and macro injuring procedures of course)

 Invasive Skin Procedures 

In micro-needling for example the skin is purposefully injured to trigger an inflammation and healing process that will thicken and tighten the skin due to scar tissue. Sounds pretty crazy when you put it like that. 

woman looking worried about her skin

Botox injections are another harmful substance that is being used very carelessly nowadays.

Botox is the name of the botulinum toxin, produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

It is a neurotoxin that can develop in bad food under anaerobic conditions, and is lethal even in small amounts. It paralyses nerves and in consequence muscles and that is the reason it reduces wrinkles, because we just cant move these parts of our face any longer. 

A different approach towards caring for our skin 

We believe it's time to rethink skincare on a great scale, like so many other things that have completely gone out of control in our profit driven society.

So what principles could we follow to be more in touch with our health and our body and really care for its needs?

  • Be gentle to your skin, it is protecting you day by day from external aggressors.
  • Do not over exfoliate and peel mechanically nor chemically. 

Yes, there are dead skin cells on top of your skin but they protect your skin as well.

'Glass skin' as it is called in Asia, is very prone to get inflamed or react to outside factors because it is literally stripped down to its most sensitive layer. That is not sensible nor nice to your body.

Your skin is constantly working on protecting the body but we keep ripping away at our only layer that keeps us together.

  •  Be kind to yourself
  • Work with your skin and not against it.
  • Ageing is not a disease it is a normal process. Wrinkles are not a sign of being unhealthy. They are a sign that your body has other more pressing repairs that need their attention.


Let's all be clear here, to this date no cure has been found against ageing.

The only thing that we can do is working on staying as healthy as possible in mind and body and this mindset will show on our skin.

The skin with its large surface is used by the body to rid itself of toxins, that is the reason a bad lifestyle will show on your skin.

We can gently support our skin in its task of protecting us from external forces.

The goal is to age gracefully instead of punishing our skin for showing signs of exhaustion. 

beautiful mature woman in mirror

A simple skincare routine with natural and gentle ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin is all that you need and will lead to more harmony in the connection of mind and body, and more harmony means more beauty.

Fuishena skincare produces natural botanical and mineral skincare products that have been trialed and tested for efficacy and skin tolerance.




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