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Earth Day 2021 - Recycle Tip - Reed Diffuser

We constantly work on minimising our impact on the environment.

Our skincare containers are made from recycled glass. That is already a big sustainability plus.

Still, we try and minimise even more waste and have come up with ideas for you to start re-using and re-purposing our beautiful bottles.

The following idea works well with our serum bottles.

( You can use any other bottle as well but you will be missing the stylish silver collar! )

1. Step

First, use up all the goodness inside! While you wait for your new order to be shipped to you, wash the empty bottle thoroughly. Or put it in the dishwasher for a spin.

2. Step

Remove the glass pipe and pop out the top rubber part from the collar.

Be careful and don't hurt yourself, to be safe better grab the glass pipe with a kitchen paper towel to prevent it from breaking while you pull.

empty fuishena skincare bottle with disassembled dropper

3. Step

Now screw the ring back on. Done. You just made a beautiful reed diffuser!

face serum bottle reed diffuser blue

4. Step

Fill your new diffuser with your favorite room scent and put in some reed sticks.

Go for uneven numbers, three or five just look more stylish!

Long skewers work fine, too. Let them soak in water for half an hour, then they can draw up the liquid easier.

5. Step


skin serum bottle reed diffuser

The crazy guys from the design team have come up with a cool TikTok for us to share!

TikTok gif



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