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One Girl Charity

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One Girl Charity

They are on a mission to change this. BUT EDUCATION CHANGES EVERYTHING
Educating girls is the number one way to fight climate change, to reduce poverty, and to create a fair and sustainable planet!


When a girl is educated, her health, status, income, and entire future changes for the better, and she’ll go on to educate her family and community. The ripple effects are incredible – and best of all, everyone in her community will benefit! 

It’s hard to imagine, but a girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be married before the age of 18 than she is to finish high school – and only 16% of girls ever complete high school. 

But when you educate a girl, her income will increase by 10–25% for every year she stays in school. She’ll get married when she chooses to, be able to think for herself, have control over her own income and break the cycle of poverty. 

The power of education creates immediate and long-lasting change!


At One Girl, they like to do things a little differently. They believe that girls themselves have exactly what it takes to make a change (of any shape or size), in both their lives and for those around them. Their approach is to trust deeply and allow girls to take the reigns!


One Girl works like so:


They believe in inspiring change through the use of the arts and innovative approaches that harness the assets within cultures. They are not constrained to using Western methods but rather look at what speaks to traditional ways of being and believing for those within the communities we work with.

Creative in action - they have used theatre, songs and dance to teach about periods, a traditional and creative way of communicating and imparting knowledge in many African communities.


They build relationships with traditional decision-makers within communities and create platforms where those who are often unheard, can increase their agency. This means that their programs are organically formed and integrated into the social fabric, through community members providing consultation from design to evaluation and learning phases. 

Community in action - their community committees help them to engage communities regularly through training and meetings on topics such as child safeguarding and study support.



The perspectives of women in development and achieving gender equality is at the forefront of everything we do. All of our programs are designed by women for women. 

Feminism in action - they co-design and co-create programs with partners and share resources beyond just financial, appreciating the value of knowledge and diverse ways of doing things.



Young girls and women are at the centre of their programming. School-aged girls and recent graduates play a key part in designing, implementing and evaluating their programs. Their strong relationships with inspirational young women and girls mean that One Girl is able to collaborate with girls to ensure they are driving the change they want to see.

Girl-led in action - Girls are involved in their design through reviewing curriculum and content and become the facilitators of their programs as former participants become mentors.



One Girl recognises that there are many aspects preventing a girl from succeeding in her education, and they aim to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to this. Although they try to remain focused and know that they should not try to do it all, they recognise all barriers experienced by girls, and collaborate with others to ensure each barrier is being addressed. 

In action - they work in partnership with 25 partner schools, and ensure that all of their programs are implemented in those schools and surrounding areas. This ensures that they address topics such as: sexual health and rights, menstrual hygiene, career development, wellbeing and advocacy for girls' education all at once.



They believe in the intrinsic value that a community may contribute to their own development. They don't believe in dwelling on the negatives, deficits or needs but rather concentrating on how to build up the strengths of communities, individuals and institutions.

Positivity in action - they don't believe in 'vulnerable' girls. These are strong, capable young women and they work with them to make their dreams come true.


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