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Bush Heritage Charity

Australian Bush

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Bush Heritage

The Australian bush is a place of outback wonders and rugged beauty.
Bush Heritage is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and partners with Aboriginal people, so they can protect our irreplaceable landscapes and our magnificent native species forever.
When you choose them, your money is being spent in Australia, for all Australians.
There are close to 2,000 animals and plants on Australia’s threatened species list. Bush Heritage steps in where they’re needed most, protecting all species on their reserve.
They respect, listen and learn from working side-by-side with Traditional Owners, and by working in partnerships with pastoralists and other organisations to have the most impact. 
Together, they are returning the bush to good health.

Founded by Dr Bob Brown, Bush Heritage has been protecting natural bushland since 1991.
Their story began when two rainforest blocks adjacent to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area were put up for sale and marketed as 'ideal for wood-chipping'.
It was 1990, and unwilling to see this patch of forest destroyed, politician, activist and local resident Bob Brown used $49,000 awarded to him as recipient of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize as a down payment on the land, borrowing the rest from friends and the bank.
The fundraising campaign to recover this debt was the birth of Bush Heritage in 1991.

Bit by bit these forest blocks in Tasmania's Liffey Valley, were paid for (becoming our Liffey River and Dry's Bluff Reserves).
Once they knew they could pay off the debt, Bob urged expansion to employ staff, to make a new purchase, then another, and then to an official presence outside Tasmania.

As the organisation grew, it became obvious that just buying land wasn't enough to safeguard this countries precious but threatened natural heritage. Much land that's vital to regional conservation is in private hands.

So in 2006 they started building partnerships with landowners – pastoralists,
Aboriginal landowner holding a clump of red soil
farmers and Aboriginal landowners – to help them manage their land for conservation.

Since then, the Australian public has rallied behind Bush Heritage. From just a few hundred hectares in 1991, they now help to protect over 11.3 million hectares across Australia on their reserve and partnership properties.

From the dripping rainforests of Far North Queensland to the gentle grassy woodlands of NSW and Victoria; from the wide red plains of central Australia to the wildflower-strewn plains of southwestern WA, a suite of animals and landscapes are better off because of Bush Heritage's actions.

Kangaroo in the wild

Today, in 2021, it's 30 years since their humble beginnings in Tasmania's Liffey Valley.
They are one of only a handful of conservation organisations using strategic indicators to measure, monitor and report on their conservation impact. This means they can make informed decisions about their management practices, and change them if necessary.
It also means their supporters can see the real change that their generous donations have made possible.
‘Landscape-scale conservation management’ means they are focused on returning entire landscapes to good health, rather than just isolated or fenced patches of forest or grassland.
This approach acknowledges that ecosystems are complex and interconnected, with no single element operating alone.

Their long-term, landscape-scale approach ensures that the species that they are protecting are more resilient to change – such as drought, wildfires or climate change – because they have more space in which to find shelter, food, water and mates.


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