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Amino Acids and why we use Heptapeptide-8








woman with glowing skin after using her skincare routine


Amino Acids such as Heptapeptide-8 promote collagen production in the layers of the skin, helping improve skin structure, reducing sagging and making the skin appear firmer. It also assists the transport of nutrients through the skin's layers, which helps fight ageing, pigmentation, sagging and inflammation as the skin is efficiently provided with vitamins.



Heptatpeptide-8 has the ability to enhance the integrity of your skin by improving the function of the dermal-epidermal layer. It also stimulates the synthesis of the integrins and keratins, which are proteins produced in the epidermis and that are involved in the barrier function of the skin. They are involved in cell to cell adhesion, improving the skin barrier function to allow the skin to appear firmer.

microscope looking at amino acids and heptapeptide-8 used for skincare                                                                                                                                                          They also stimulate the biosynthesis and secretion of laminin-5 and B1 integrins, which may assist in protecting the basement membrane against damage caused by ageing and helps to improve the skin structure and function, as well as increasing the biosynthesis of the collagen production genes; Collagen I and Collagen III, which are important because they are responsible for the extensive connective tissue in the skin. As part of the extracellular matrix, its main function is to create resistance to mechanical tension and provide skin support.
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