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Fuishena Skincare To Launch The New ‘fuishena Experience’

Australian beauty brand ‘fuishena’ introduces their new introductory bundle ‘fuishena experience’, a mini-magazine filled with information and product sachets to experience the individual lines.


Byron Bay/Melbourne, April 20, 2020, Australian skincare brand fuishena announced its upcoming new marketing campaign today. It is called the ‘fuishena experience’ and will be available online from the 1st of May.

There will be two different magazines available, one for the Divine Nektar line for oily to combination skin, warmer climates and seasons, and Divine Ambrosia line for dry to normal skin, colder climates and seasons. Each magazine will contain all three products comprising the line in small sachets sizes; essence, serum, and moisturiser. The product size is designed to last between one and two weeks and one should be able to experience fuishena’s capabilities by that time.

“We understand that in these difficult times where you cannot go out and test and try products in shops, it is even more important for our customers to find out if the product is right for them before they commit to purchasing a whole set’” explains co-founder Lucia Berwein, “that is the reason behind offering a small bundle to be able to test and also experience the whole range, as our products are designed to be even more effective when used as a three-step regime.”

All their products are infused with their key ingredient formula called VitaNova™, a proprietary formulation that is the heart and soul in all fuishena products. It is a blend of a rare, precious mineral antioxidant, a carbon allotrope in combination with triglycerides and amino acids as well as vitamins, and other micro-nutrients. It is scientifically proven to be over 100 x more effective in capturing free radicals than Vitamin C. This anti-aging and anti-acne formulation is especially recommended for people that react with redness or itchiness and photosensitivity to high-concentrated other acidic antioxidants.

In addition to the product sachets, the magazines will also provide information about the company, its vision, and its unique formulations. Fuishena wants to create transparency between them and their customers, so the customers can purchase their products with a good state of mind.

“We have also produced this ‘fuishena experience’ with the thought that you could gift someone this experience and show them a little love although you might be far apart at the moment” states the brand’s social media.

Ethik Pty Ltd is an Australian company, founded in Byron Bay by Peter and Regina Berwein, producing Fitness and Lifestyle supplements with mineral antioxidants. At the beginning of 2019 they asked their daughters to join and support the family business. The two sisters Anna-Fiona and Lucia took the leading role in creating a new brand and developing the existing formula into a super antioxidant skincare line in collaboration with Canadian and Australian laboratories.

fuishena convinces not only with their unique ingredients but also with their consequent approach to sustainability and the environment, their ethical way of making business, their commitment to charitable causes and their unusual and creative approach to marketing and social media.


For more information visit our website fuishena.com or feel free to get in contact

fuishena@gmail.com or sales@fuishena.com  or phone +61 451 035 327


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