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A Closer Look at our Unique Formula - VitaNova

All our products differ greatly in the combination of efficacious ingredients, they are formulated specifically to benefit dry or oily skin, sensitive or inflamed skin and  ageing or acne-prone skin. But they have one thing in common, they all contain our super-antioxidant formula VitaNova and here is why.

VitaNova literally means 'new life' which refers to the ability to revitalise your skin by bringing back the glow and youthfulness.

We have been searching for these ingredients all over the globe, from Japan to Canada and Australia, collaborating with scientists and laboratories to perfection our formula. 

japanese woman walking fuishena skincareOur VitaNova concoction combines a rare mineral, a carbon antioxidant, with amino acids and vitamins to create a super anti-aging formula that is the solution for various skin troubles. In a slow proprietary process, the mineral develops its full strength and is being transformed into a super antioxidant. Despite its powerful effect, VitaNova remains a gentle skincare agent.

We love your skin and want to rejuvenate and restore it in a caring and sensitive way.

Our special formula works in the skin and not only on the surface. It removes the remnants of oxidised cells and melatonin, therefore removing the greyish skin tone that is a sign of ageing.

The glow returns and the skin tone brightens leaving you looking younger and fresher because your skin was actually cleared of the waste products.

But the beneficial effects don't end here. 

Its anti-inflammatory properties deal with redness, irritation, and imperfections of your skin. Therefore it also serves to reduce damage and irritations caused by laser or other invasive treatments. The antimicrobial function eradicates infected areas and is pivotal in reducing pores thus recommended for acne-prone skin.

The detoxing and antioxidant properties are effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as hyper-pigmentation.

Many of our customers rave about how soft and supple their skin feels after only a short time of using our products.

But the incomparable effect of our VitaNova formula lies in the ability to restore your skin to its natural, healthy state.

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