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The 3 Reasons why you should try Shungite in your skincare.

The people of Shunga an area in Karelia, Russia, live healthier and longer lives compared to most other regions of the world.

When scientists studied the reasons for this, they found the cause of this longevity in the rock formations that can be found plentiful in this area, a blackish carbon mineraloid that they named Shungite after the region of origin.


The native population of this region is well aware of the healing and cleansing properties of this mineral and has been using it in folk medicine for hundreds of years. 

Russian emperor Peter the Great understood the powerful healing and antibacterial properties of this mineral and even made all soldiers in his army carry a piece of it to purify water and use on their wounds. 

Upon testing the scientists found that the most effective stones were those that had the highest concentration of fullerene, a crystalline form of carbon.

But what exactly are the effects of Shungite and how can we apply them to modern skincare?

1. Purification

Since ancient times, Shungite has been used to purify water. This is due to its activity against bacteria and viruses.

A 2018 study states that Shungite can filter water by removing contaminants and organic substances like pesticides. 

A 2017 study also found that carbon from Shungite can remove radioactive compounds from water.

2. Antioxidant properties

When skin is exposed to UV radiation it causes skin damage and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) that attack and damage healthy cells. 


In a study of UV damaged skin Shungite solution showed to be able to decrease ROS production and increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes.

3. Reducing inflammation

Another finding in the above-mentioned 2017 study, Shungite was found to reduce inflammation. The researchers measured lower levels of inflammatory markers, including cytokines, or proteins involved in inflammation after applying Shungite solution to the skin.




Recent research suggests that the fullerene-based compound within Shungite has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action against UVB-induced skin damage and is able to remove toxins and bacteria from your skin.

As UV exposure is the main cause of skin ageing we suggest to try fullerene based skincare in your anti ageing regime. 

If you tend to suffer from inflamed and irritated skin, fullerene might be an ingredient that can help you.

If your skin reacts to environmental pollutants, fullerene could help you to remove toxins from your skin and protect it from environmental damage.


Fuishena skincare for example has a fullerene based proprietary formula called VitaNova that is included in all their products. Every one of their products is composed to work on either rejuvenation, soothing inflammation, protecting against environmental aggressors, or detoxification.

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