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Creative Problem Solving a Prerequisite for Independent Skincare Brand ‘fuishena’

Australian skincare brand fuishena stands out from its competitors not only with its unique formula but also their way of making business.

Byron Bay/Melbourne, 01.05.2020, When Australian skincare brand fuishena launched their two new skincare lines earlier this year, it was to an audience who was pleasantly surprised by their new way of doing things.

The main point that makes fuishena stand out is, of course, their unique formula.

The effectiveness of skincare and anti-aging products relies on antioxidant abilities. Fuishena’s antioxidant, that is embedded in their VitaNova™ concoction is a mineral, not an acid like Vitamin C and Retinol. Therefore it is not irritating on delicate skin. Although it has been tested as very gentle its antioxidant capabilities are 100x stronger than Vitamin C. That means its repairing and protecting potential is unsurpassed.

“Offering the best possible product was the first imperative for us”, explains co-founder of the fuishena brand Anna, “but we wanted to give all areas of our brand the same attentiveness.”

It was a no-brainer to make fuishena as sustainable as possible. They chose recycled glass bottles instead of plastic containers. But they didn’t stop there. They also got rid of plastic labels that could peel off and endanger marine life as a floating transparent film. This posed the problem of how to label their products. They overcame the issue by designing a paper collar, which is not only sustainable but a unique and cute look for their brand. Fuishena ships their products in uncoated cardboard boxes and uses paper packing tape instead of plastic film.

“My sister and I, we spent our teenage years living in Byron Bay and our heart lies with the ocean and everything that lives within,” Anna remembers fondly,” our German roots also created the love for forests and nature and want to protect the planet any way we can.” This is why they spent many months finding the perfect way to create a high-class product by using sustainable materials.

“When we source suppliers, we firstly search locally to strengthen the community and keep the transport routes short and the wages fair.” Anna shares another one of their ethical approaches,” it is also important to us that the people we work with share the same ethical approaches. For example, our bottle manufacturer runs their own reforestation project and has managed to save 1270 tons of CO2 emissions.“

As a small independent label, they don’t have the resources of a multinational corporation. So instead of spending a lot of money, they rely on their ideas and can fall back on a network of vastly creative people.

Their media campaigns are indeed unusual. They have initiated a weekly digital newsletter that looks like a fashion magazine and provides information about skincare and ingredients as well as gives tips and recommendations. Their cover shoots are re-designed by artists and could hang framed on any wall. They show up on their Instagram feed ever so often. The design process is documented in speed-painting videos with music specifically adapted for the purpose.

But there is even more. The two creative sisters have developed a list of re-use/re-purpose ideas for their packaging once the product is used up. In short videos and posts, they are being compiled to a helpful recycling guide for their customers.

And the ideas keep coming. “It is still a secret but we are very excited for our online newsletter magazine to become a physical copy,” Anna reveals  their newest campaign, “it will hold information as well as samples of our products and we are so thrilled to share this with our audience in the coming few weeks.”

Fuishena isn’t only focused on protecting the planet but also helping those in need. A percentage of all sales are being donated to charitable causes. Fuishena supports causes that they have researched themselves and made a personal connection with. They did this so their customers could feel more at ease that the donations made by fuishena go straight to those in need.

It looks like the fuishena label is a force to be reckoned with in the competitive cosmetic market.

Ethik Pty Ltd is an Australian company, founded in Byron Bay by Peter and Regina Berwein, producing Fitness and Lifestyle supplements with mineral antioxidants. At the beginning of 2019, they asked their daughters to join and support the family business. The two sisters Fiona and Lucia took the leading role in creating a new brand and developing the existing formula into a super antioxidant skincare line in collaboration with Canadian and Australian laboratories. 

fuishena convinces not only with their unique ingredients but also with their consequent approach to sustainability and the environment, their ethical way of making business, their commitment to charitable causes and their unusual and creative approach to marketing and social media.


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